We are striving to build a Nordgold culture in which about 7,800 of our people, regardless of which operation they are engaged in, identify with each other as part of a team welded together with a common purpose.

As an employer, we bear the responsibility of ensuring the safety of our employees and providing a stable way of life. We want our people to be confident about their future. Fair rewards, career progression opportunities and a safe working environment are some of the fundamental rights that we believe all our people deserve as we recruit and retain the best talent in the mining industry.

About 7,800 employees

Nordgold is a complex organization, spread across diverse geographies and cultural environments. This makes it particularly important that we have a shared set of values which are the following:

Respect for people


Professionalism and efficiency

Trust and collaboration

We seek to be an employer of choice in the communities in which we operate. We want our people to realise their potential in conditions which are both comfortable and safe. That is why we pay a lot of attention to recruitment, managing and developing our people.



Attracting and retaining the right people is vital to the success of our company.


We make our interviewing and evaluation processes fully objective and transparent for all participants


We aim to pay salaries that are in line with or ahead of the market, and use bonuses and other retention payments to incentivise and retain key staff.


We look to employ local people where possible.


We do employ expatriates where they have the best skills and are able to train our people and pass on their knowledge

Managing and developing our people

  • Each of the countries we work in has its own laws, customs, and lifestyles. This means that we take a flexible and pragmatic approach to managing our people. At the very least, we always ensure that we fully understand and comply with our legal obligations to our employees
  • Improving safety at work is our leading priority. We have intensified our efforts to provide safe equipment and operating procedures, safety trainings, to develop and install appropriate safety information and implement safety protocols
  • Nordgold’s professional development programmes include mandatory trainings and individual development plans, and are divided into leadership programmes for management and technical trainings for frontline employees
  • Nordgold provide our people with best accommodation, food, medical care, protection, public services, transportation and recreational facilities we can
  • The Company measured the level of personnel engagement through Employees Engagement Survey
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