Location and History


The Lefa mine is located some 700km northeast of Conakry, the capital of the Republic of Guinea, and is connected to an all-season road with easy access to an air strip. Annual gold production has almost trebled since Nordgold acquired the mine in July 2010.

Lefa is a conventional modern open pit operation with three major mining areas and several smaller, higher grade satellite pits providing additional ore feed for the mill. Its processing plant includes a crushing circuit, two SAG mills, two ball mills and a CIP circuit.


Environmental considerations have been key since the beginning of our operations in Guinea with exemplary environmental stewardship central to the way Nordgold does business. The mine is undertaking a comprehensive reforestation programme to fully rehabilitate over 80 hectares of land used for mine operations. As part of the programme, rehabilitated areas around the mine are first planted with grass which is then followed by acacia, kaya and other trees, including mango. The programme combines short-term economic and social gains such as additional employment for local residents with longer-term benefits in the form of fully-grown fruit gardens, ensuring the mine area will continue to serve the local communities long after the mine’s closure.


Lefa is co-owned by Nordgold and the Government of Guinea, which currently controls 7.5% of the operation.

Nordgold has invested almost US$1 billion in Guinea since acquiring Lefa in 2010. We are now one of the country's largest gold producers and an important contributor to the country's economic and social development. From 2011 to 2019, Nordgold paid to the government over US$200 million in corporate taxes and royalties.

As a major employer, we play an important economic role in driving a fair distribution of wealth. Lefa provides direct employment to more than 1,300 people, and a further 1000 indirect jobs. 95% of Lefa employees are Guinea nationals, in accordance with the Company’s policy to actively hire and promote the citizens of our host countries.

At Nordgold, we act in a socially responsible way at all times and recognise local communities as one of our key stakeholders. We proactively seek their support and involvement in our projects and are proud of the contribution that our operations make to local communities, host provinces and nations. Nordgold’s concern for, and understanding of, the needs of local communities are an integral part of our approach to doing business wherever we operate. In addition to the thousands of jobs created and millions invested in our Guinea operations, Lefa carries out an extensive "Community Empowerment” programme focusing on three critically important local issues: healthcare, education and the supply of potable water.

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