Nordgold’s Lefa new Mining Permit will be effective from March 2019

  • The new Mining Convention and Renewal of Mining Permit were granted by the authorities to the Lefa mine in August 2018 pursuant to the promulgation of relevant Decrees
  • The Lefa Convention and Mining Permit are extended for a period of 15 years, in line with Lefa’s current life of mine
  • London, United Kingdom, 7 February 2019 - Nord Gold SE ("Nordgold" or the "Company"), the internationally diversified gold producer, is pleased to announce that the new Mining Permit will be effective starting from 21 March 2019. The new Permit as well as the Convention are extended for 15 years, in line with Lefa’s current life of mine. Nordgold will invest over US$360 million in Lefa’s development within its life of mine.

    Since acquiring the mine in 2010, Nordgold has invested almost US$1 billion in Guinea. The Company’s concern for, and awareness of, the needs of the local community is an integral part of its presence in all of the regions in which it operates. The Lefa mine invested significantly to improve the provision of local health services and education, including support of the fight against Ebola, as well as the creation of new medical facilities and some 40 schools. The mine also offers continuous support to the agricultural and food supply activities of the local citizens as well organising access to fresh water through water boreholes drilling. Lefa contributed almost US$12 million to the local communities empowerment and the Company intends to continue its investments with the aim of improving people’s living conditions for the life of mine and beyond.

    Andrei Naumov
    Media Relations Specialist
    Tel: +7 495 644 4473
    Peter Ogden Tel: +44 (0) 20 7250 1446

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