Address by David Morgan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, on the company anti-corruption policy

We are pleased to announce that in 2013 Nordgold has developed and adopted its own anti-corruption policy.

We strive to comply with UK law on combating corruption (UK Bribery Act 2010), as well as the legislative acts aimed at combating corruption and bribery in force in those countries where Nordgold is economically active.

This important event for the company demonstrates how central it is for Nordgold to do business in accordance with the best international corporate and ethical standards.

We have always considered any manifestation of corruption to be unacceptable, and the document we have now adopted will better help us structure the work the company does to combat corruption.

The anti-corruption policy Nordgold has adopted is part of a comprehensive program that includes not only regulation of the actions of Group employees and officials in terms of anti-corruption and bribery, but also organization of training in this area, including an anti-corruption clause in all contracts and the drafting and implementation of electronic registers for gifts, sponsorships, charity and more.

By adopting a single document we are able to clearly and concisely communicate to all stakeholders the principles and rules that govern the company which are to be followed by all Nordgold employees, officials and partners, so that corrupt practices and bribery might be prevented across all its business units.

For more details, please see Nordgold Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Address by Nikolai Zelensky, CEO, Nordgold, on the adoption of the company anti-corruption policy

The adoption of the anti-corruption policy is an important step on Nordgold’s path to becoming a world-class company. It clearly demonstrates our commitment both to high standards of corporate governance and to the principles of open and fair business. We strive towards the continuous improvement and enhancement of corporate ethics across all aspects of our operations.

In developing our anti-corruption policies we were guided by the legislative acts of all the countries in which Nordgold operates, existing internal company documents, and the laws of other countries with which Nordgold has other close connections, in particular, the UK Law on Combating Corruption (UK Bribery Act 2010).

Nordgold has always conducted strict periodic company risk assessments in the field of corruption.

Nordgold’s management takes responsibility for informing employees of the key provisions of the adopted policy. New employees will also be made aware of the contents of the document and will receive special training. We believe it is vital to help employees understand how failure to observe the anti-corruption policy can adversely impact company reputation.

Nordgold provides annual sponsorship and charitable support to many projects and organizations in the areas in which our business is located. We want to ensure that the assistance we provide is used for its intended purpose and will help improve the lives of real people. Therefore, we are committed to clear and concise evaluation criteria for charitable projects, including an itemised corruption risk assessment.

Nordgold has long been working to combat corruption in general, as well as to improving the standards of ethics across the company. We have set up a hotline where any potential violations within the company can be reported. Any Nordgold employee in any country where we operate can use this anonymously. The recent adoption of policies to combat corruption is the logical continuation of a process that has long been under way and a new important step in achieving our goals.

For more details, please see Nordgold Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

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