Nordgold attends Global Sustainability Exchange 2017

  • Nordgold was invited to attend International Finance Corporation (IFC) 2017 Global Sustainability Exchange in Cartagena, Colombia.
  • Nordgold’s Sustainable Development Manager Oleg Bazaleev and Community Relations & Resettlement Superintendent (Bissa) Colince Tagny spoke at the event.
  • Nordgold has an extensive and proven strategy of livelihood restoration and commitment to building sustainable communities, particularly at its Bissa and Bouly mines.
  • London, United Kingdom, 14 June 2017 - Nord Gold SE (“Nordgold” or the “Company”), an internationally diversified gold producer, is pleased to announce that the Company’s representatives attended the 2017 International Finance Corporation (IFC) global Sustainability Exchange in Cartagena, Colombia, one of the world’s pre-eminent conferences on sustainability. The IFC Sustainability Exchange addressed operational, environmental and social challenges and opportunities faced by infrastructure and natural resource actors in emerging markets.

    Nordgold’s Oleg Bazaleev, Sustainable Development Manager and Colince Tagny, Community Relations and Resettlement Superintendent at Nordgold’s Bissa mine spoke in the “Livelihood restoration: Lessons from the trenches” session and in the “Collaboration & Co-investment in Water and Mining” meeting.

    Oleg provided an insight into Nordgold’s significant resettlement experience, including a large-scale Resettlement Programme in Bouly which saw 990 resettlement houses built alongside massive investment into local infrastructure such as the construction of 16 water boreholes, 8 mosques, 1 temp¬le, 2 churches and 7 schools, as well as 4 cultural Centres, 8 sports grounds and 1 vaccination facility. This surpasses a key requirement of international resettlement standards that those resettled by the mine must be assisted to improve their livelihoods and living standards, or at least to restore them to the pre-displacement levels. In addition, over 1400 people have been re-trained, of which 160 are now fully licensed truck drivers, many of whom now work at the Bissa-Bouly site.

    Colince spoke about Nordgold’s operations in Bissa-Bouly which provided new opportunities for local agriculture through its construction of a major water dam. Before Nordgold competed the Bissa-Bouly mines, the opportunities for agriculture were limited in this arid climate due to unstable access to water in particular during the dry season. The construction of a water dam as part of the mine site development provided new opportunities for the local farmers who were able to cultivate new fields close to water. The mine site also became a ready and immediate market for the new produce.

    As a result of these measures, both in terms of water and the extensive resettlement plan, in line with Nordgold’s stated strategy, Bissa-Bouly is a case study in the hugely positive impact a mine can bring to a host nation.

    Oleg Bazaleev, Sustainable Development Manager, Nordgold, said:

    “Nordgold is dedicated to being a genuine partner to the communities in which it operates. We have aligned our resettlement activities with international best practice. We have a robust strategy on livelihood restoration and excellent implementation in the communities around our operations. We believe a strong code of corporate and social responsibility is central to our licence to operate and that we can only build a truly sustainable business by acting responsibly.”

    About Nordgold

    Nordgold is an internationally diversified gold producer established in 2007. Nordgold has a proven track record of operational excellence and benefits from a significant international development pipeline. The Company is relentlessly focused on shareholder value, committed to running safe, efficient, profitable operations, which enable it to generate strong cashflows and in turn, continue to invest in its pipeline of new growth opportunities while generating returns for investors. In 2016, Nordgold produced 869 koz of gold.

    Nordgold operates 9 mines (4 in Russia, 3 in Burkina Faso and one each in Guinea and Kazakhstan). It has one project in construction phase (Gross in Russia), several prospective projects and a diverse portfolio of early-stage exploration projects and licences in Burkina Faso, Russia, French Guiana and Canada. Nordgold employs over 8,000 people.

    For further information, please contact:

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    Tel: +7 495 644 4473
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